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Gustav Wolf elevator ropes are carefully lubricated during production. During operation and over time the factory-provided lubricant is reduced as the lubricant is used up. A timely and regular re-lubrication of the elevator ropes is therefore necessary and particulary extends the service life of a rope in demanding installations.

The following re-lubrications are available:


for manual re-lubrication
1 liter bottle with spray cap (partno.: 4500T8601)
5 liter can (partno.: 4500T8605)

T86 contains solvent. The flash point is 60°C and after evapration of the solvent it is 235°C.

Safety data sheet


for automatic and manual re-lubrication
1 liter bottle with spray cap (partno.: 4500T1001)
2,5 liter can (partno.: 4500T1025)
5 liter can (partnp.: 4500T1005)

Safety data sheet

Our lubricants are a very thin fluid and absorbs readily into the rope interior. They can be applied easily and cleanly with a brush (for T10 also with a roller) or sprayed on with the handy 1 liter bottle. The rope lubricant should be applied within the range of where the ropes are in contact with the traction and/or deflection sheaves when possbile since the rope “opens” there due to the deflection which permits the rope lubricant to more easily flow into the rope interior.


Re-lubrication Device GW-Lub

Dry, unlubricated ropes belongs to the past with this device. With the GW-Lub re-lubrication system the lubricant can be applied easily and specifically to the ropes. In combination with the solvent-free lubricant T10 you can increase the life time of your ropes significantly. The adjustable lubricant dispenser can distribute over a time span of up to 12 month continuously the lubricant equally and properly over the special brushes to the ropes. The effort for maintenance, the costly, manual re-lubrication and the follow-up cost for re-roping can be reduced.

User manual GW Lube

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