Rope tension measuring device

Product information

The MSM12 rope tensioning system is specifically designed to measure rope tension during installation and maintenance activities.

The system measures the rope tension (in kg) by means of sensors which are attached to the elevator ropes.

The voltage is displayed on a portable LCD touch screen display. Up to 12 sensors can be attached simultaneously to 6 to 16 mm thick ropes, with a maximum rope tension of 1000kg per rope.

The system automatically calculates an average value so that you can adjust the rope tension equally distributed on all ropes. You can also display and save this information on your computer using the included USB cable and software.

The case includes:

  • 4 LSM sensors (up to 12 sensors available on request)
  • USB cable
  • Computer software
  • 1 power supply unit
  • More software and accessories on request

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