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Gustav Wolf.
...steel ropes and wires. Premium quality directly from the manufacturer.
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Full Service

  • Technical expertise and advice.
  • Support in planning and installation.
  • Quality management at automotive level.
  • Sustainably produced and recyclable products.

Fast Delivery

  • Logistics partnership network.
  • Individually assembled.
  • Extensive range of packaging and accessories.
  • Ready-to-install solutions for immediate use.

German Engineering

  • German engineering with global availability.
  • Customized solutions for your application.
  • From wire production to application.
  • Expertise from a single source.

Worldwide Network

  • Optimal performance for customers.
  • Worldwide availability.
  • Innovative products
  • Worldwide delivery with 24 or 48 hour service.

Discover the world of ropes & wires from Gustav Wolf

Today, as in the past, wire ropes are used in different types, designs and sizes. Starting with gear shifts for bicycles to brake cables and elevators, used in the world's tallest buildings, in industry and on cruise ships. However, ropes are also used to operate aircraft or to lift gates. There is hardly any area where wires or ropes are not required and used. Gustav Wolf has also been ensuring that tires have become safer in the automotive industry for many years now. With tires in particular, the highest demands are placed on the safety, reliability and stability of wires in order to eliminate risks. Today, Gustav Wolf customers worldwide benefit from this experience and expertise. When it comes to steel cables and steel wires, Gustav Wolf offers its customers a full range of services. From the very first consultation and planning for a wide range of applications, to production, inspection by our own QA and testing laboratories, warehousing and intelligent logistics, right through to training, maintenance and support. And in addition to the entire range of services, Gustav Wolf's employees are constantly working on new and innovative ideas and measures, such as how the environment can be protected in spite of higher productivity. Based on its forward-looking orientation with a planned conversion to CO2-neutral production by the year 2030, Gustav Wolf is committed to further development and expansion.




Powerful and durable

Ropes from Gustav Wolf are not only distinguished by their high breaking load, low weight, low elongation and long service life. The great depth of processing also ensures optimal solutions for the specific needs of our customers.


Durable and customized

Whether the task is to connect, cut, screen, protect or cushion something with wire – we manufacture the most suitable product.
In doing so, we optimally adjust the strength level of the wire and the surface treatment to your specifications and intended use.


A large number of companies have put their trust in the products of Gustav Wolf.

This page contains a selection of references.


Securing the future

Our goal is not only product development, but also the implementation of new, economical production technologies.

We are actively committed to environmentally friendly production methods. We shape the future by combining customer requirements and the experience of our employees.

We have been implementing a comprehensive QM system for many years now. The system is TÜV certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.


Customer comments


98.3% -> A-supplier


83% -> excellent performance level

Classified as Preferred Supplier (A-supplier) with 90 points

On-time-delivery >99.50% First Pass Yield >99.70%

Gustav Wolf complies with “Silver” in Global Supplier Excellence Certification.


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About us

Our motto: Being a reliable partner for our customers

Gustav Wolf was established back in 1887 and as such has decades of experience in the production of high-quality steel wires and steel ropes.

Committed to quality, working for safety, developing for the future

Over the years, a small local ropery has managed to evolve into an internationally active group of companies. Gustav Wolf – this name is associated worldwide with quality and safety. The company produces wires and ropes in seven plants at home and abroad: special products at the very highest level of quality.






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