A strong team...
in the past and today!

More than 130 years of company history.

Gustav Wolf looks back on over 130 years of company history. Today, the group of companies includes eight state-of-the-art production sites in Germany, France, Hungary, Dubai, China, Poland and the United States. Gustav Wolf is one of the leading international manufacturers of steel wire ropes for elevators. Our logistics center in Germany and a worldwide network of distributors ensure on-time and short-term delivery to our customers. This includes key industry players, as well as many medium-sized companies. With its own wire production in particular, Gustav Wolf has all production steps in-house from the start of production to the finished rope, and can thus exert a significant influence on quality. The modern production machinery, technical expertise, committed employees and high-quality products make Gustav Wolf a reliable partner. Whether in the past, the present or in the future. Gustav Wolf has always driven innovation forward. About 100 years ago, it was a patent for a rope postforming device (PAWO). About 75 years ago, tire wire production was launched. The expansion of the production of high-strength brass-plated tubular wires was initiated some 50 years ago. Internationalization began about 25 years ago in Europe, Asia and USA. Currently there are new products (Belt) and the groundbreaking orientation towards CO2 neutral production, as Vision GW 2030.

A short historical review:


CMP takes over Gustav Wolf Group


Establishment of a wire and thin elevator and crane rope production facility in Hungary.


Gustav Wolf opens a new 14,000 square meter logistics centre in Roßleben.


Successful start of production of fiber core ropes at Gustav Wolf Wire Rope Co. Ltd. in Suzhou (China).


Signing of a joint venture contract in China for the production of elevator ropes for the Chinese market with the establishment of a new location in Gustav Wolf Suzhou, near Shanghai.


Expansion of sales structures in Hong Kong/China for the sale of elevator ropes in the Asian market.


Founding and development of the joint venture Brunton-Wolf Dubai, the first steel wire rope factory in the Arab region.


Start of Gustav Wolf India with the production of steel cord and high-tensile galvanized ropes. Construction of the new headquarters and centralization of production at the Gütersloh site.


Establishment of an independent logistics center near Gütersloh. This facility coordinates the complete order picking of ropes and accessories as well as shipping.


Expansion of the distribution network through contractual partners in the USA, Great Britain, Turkey and Australia.


Acquisition of the STAL wire drawing plant (Reichshoffen, France) from the Sumitomo Group and expansion of the tire wire production there.


Re-opening and expansion of a rope factory in the new federal states of Germany. Continuous expansion of the Gustav Wolf Nebra branch plant to become an important production site for elevator and crane ropes.


Expansion of the production of high-strength brass plated tubular wires.


Establishment of tire wire production.


Patent for a rope forming device, the so-called PAWO (Patent Wolf). Today, the PAWO is a common tool in rope production and reduces internal stresses in the rope.


Move from Bielefeld to Gütersloh and expansion of the production. At that time, the main field of activity focused on wire ropes for the mining industry.


Establishment of the company Gustav Wolf from a family business existing since 1737 and start of production of steel wire ropes.