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Gustav Wolf. Quality for the tallest buildings in the world.

Gustav Wolf ropes are installed in elevators in many of the world's most famous high-rise buildings, such as the Makkah Royal Clock Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. With a height of 601 meters, this enormous hotel complex is the third tallest building in the world and, with a floor space exceeding one million square meters, it is the largest of all architectural giants.
The Makkah Royal Clock Tower is enthroned above the highest sanctuary of the Islamic world, the Kaaba. The building accommodates up to 30,000 people – a world record.

Elevator ropes.

Nature is our inspiration. Our world is fascinating. It is versatile, strong, powerful and adaptable, just like the products that Gustav Wolf makes. That is also the reason why the company is increasingly committed to technical innovations using environmentally friendly machines and systems. The company's pioneering philosophy increases production and at the same time ensures that our unique nature and environment are significantly less polluted. A clear positioning of a family-owned company that does everything with passion and boundless commitment to continue to inspire customers around the world with the highest quality and the most comprehensive service and support.

Demand for high-quality steel wire ropes for the elevator industry is growing significantly. As the number of tall buildings grows, more and more steel wire ropes are needed worldwide. This is one reason why steel wire ropes and the comprehensive service provided by Gustav Wolf are in such great demand.

Elevator ropes

Hose industry

Gustav Wolf has been supplying the hose industry with premium quality products for more than 20 years. These special wires have been continuously developed in close cooperation with industry. As such, our individual products can be precisely adapted to meet the corresponding needs of customers operating worldwide. Existing customers as well as new customers place their trust in the globally renowned quality products from Gustav Wolf.

The hose wires withstand even the very highest loads and are known for their high nominal strength. Hose wires are used, for instance, as pressure-bearing elements in applications where ultra-high pressure applications have to withstand working pressures of up to 4,000 bar.

Mattresses & upholstery industry

Upholstered furniture, luxury mattresses and even car seats in vintage cars - Gustav Wolf's high-quality wires ensure highest sitting and lying comfort in numerous products. Upholstery spring wire and wave springs are manufactured primarily at the company's French plant STAL in Reichshoffen. Gustav Wolf's spring cores are further processed by both low-priced and high-priced suppliers in the furniture industry: As a result, Gustav Wolf wires ensure that even luxury mattresses are always comfortable.

Upholstery spring wire

Brush industry

The demand and need for roller, disc, strip or tool brushes is growing. And this is an area of application that Gustav Wolf serves worldwide with its high-quality products. Thanks to its outstanding quality and customer-friendly service, the Gustav Wolf brand is also in great demand in this segment. Brushes with Gustav Wolf wire are particularly used for street cleaning in urban areas. Airports also use wire brushes to keep their runways clean.

Brush wire

Industrial applications

Gustav Wolf Siebedraht

In industrial settings, screening systems are used to process certain bulk materials, such as sand or gravel. Using several screen levels, they separate the various types of rock from one another and layer them. The screen linings in many of these machines are made of steel wire produced by Gustav Wolf.

Superior quality is essential in this case, as the screens are not only exposed to heavy hard rock, but also to extreme weather conditions such as heat, rain and frost. The screen manufacturer uses wires from 0.3 to 7 millimeters. There they are formed into a wave shape and then welded together to form screen mats.

Ultimately, the mesh is then stretched into frames customized for the various screening systems.

Crane industry

Quality requirements and safety regulations for crane ropes are very stringent. Crane ropes are subjected to heavy loads and consequently have to satisfy a large number of requirements. For example, they must be highly resistant to corrosion and impact. They must also be durable, safe and economical.

Gustav Wolf makes all of this possible by using the best materials, perfectly coordinated manufacturing processes and the highest rope technologies in the field of compression and compaction.