Wire for the U.S.

Wire for the U.S.

After promising contacts at wire 2014 and the Brussels convention of the European Brushware Federation (FEIBP) in 2014, the Wire Sales team has set its sights on the North American market. The aim is now to make major inroads in the market for road sweeper brushes in North America.

At wire 2014, the sales team led by Daniel Wolf (Managing Director STAL), Holger Kruse (Wire Sales) and Ralf Krone (Engineering Director, Wire) succeeded in establishing many contacts with American customers and reviving old ones. These contacts have now been put to use. Holger Kruse is pleased with the outcome: “We’re optimistic that the U.S. is a future market for Gustav Wolf.”

Quality and reliability appreciated

Kruse and Krone established promising contacts at the FEIBP convention in Brussels, where they met members of the American Brush Manufacturer Association (ABMA): “We could see that conditions are good for getting involved in the U.S. In general, the Americans appreciate the quality and reliability of German industry, and they’re interested in the products of Gustav Wolf. So we were happy to accept an invitation from the ABMA to take part in their convention in March in Florida. We – in other words, Richard Lindemeyer, Managing Director of Gustav Wolf North America, Ralf Krone, and myself – had a stand there, and we presented our products. They also gave us the opportunity to introduce our company in a short presentation. The ABMA even provided us with a patron from its board of directors who introduced us to possible customers for our wire products and provided us with a lot of information. All in all, it was a very positive experience. Afterwards, we took the opportunity to visit three new direct customers in the U.S. – with good results.”

They also conducted key discussions with a North American dealer, a member of ABMA whom they had already met at wire 2014. “That was exactly what we were looking for, because we want to sell not just wire for brushes but also as many other wire products as possible. This dealer runs a company that has eight warehouses in the U.S. He can provide us with strong logistical support, and there is a great deal of variety in the products. So through him, we can deliver brush wire – all packed in a container – to multiple small customers, and we can supply all the other wire products of Gustav Wolf too. The first container of this sort has already been shipped. Incidentally, this dealer has good contacts to Canada and Mexico – which is also an option for us.”

Larger individual customers are supported locally by Richard Lindemeyer and supplied via container directly from Gütersloh. Holger Kruse adds: “We want to sink our teeth into the U.S. business with our wire products, because we supply what the market there needs: top-notch products at fair prices, and a high degree of reliability even over the long term. Our main product is initially brush wire, but we’re also hoping to sell spring steels, mattress wire, automotive products, and so forth. The fact that we’re generally available until 7 PM in Gütersloh helps us in our direct contact with the American customers.”