Roßleben builds second hall

Roßleben builds second hall

Logistics center for the corporation

In summer 2010, when Gustav Wolf in Nebra built its logistics center in neighboring Roßleben – the Nebra production site was bursting with the production of wires – the company made a farsighted decision: it also snapped up a 14 000 m² area of land and thereby also the option to expand the logistics center in future if necessary. And now, this year, it is happening: the Roßleben site is currently being expanded by 150%. The Herzebrock site is simultaneously being retired and switching to Roßleben.

The decision not to opt for Herzebrock and to choose Roßleben instead was taken on economic grounds. Herzebrock is a very expensive location. There was no alternative in Gütersloh, but Roßleben offered the ideal conditions: plenty of free additional land, excellent connections to the A38 and A71 motorways and employees with the same level of qualifications as those in Herzebrock. Finally, new functions were of course retained at the company site in Gütersloh.

Construction going according to plan

In April, work began on a large, additional 2040 m² warehouse with three aisles. It is a standalone building which is right behind the old hall. Regular operations are planned to begin in late October – a deadline which can definitely be kept: work is on schedule; good weather conditions, well thought-out and prudent construction management guarantee success.

Operations manager Stefan Grey, who is managing construction from design to opening as a “second job” can hardly wait to use the additional hall: “We are absolutely pushing the limits of capacity in our current 1400 m² production, packaging and storage space. Finally, with the new warehouse, we can finally phase out the temporary storage.” The extension building makes door-to-door transport possible as it is positioned exactly behind the old warehouse. First and foremost, the new building will provide storage space for rope produced in Gütersloh and Nebra and other goods produced. The ropes which are parceled off in the old building and packed together with end connections, thread terminals, thimbles, buffers, brackets etc. may then be transferred for loading to the ramp behind the new hall. These are usually packed along with accessories required for installation such as screws, dowels, special cleaning products, rubber seals, working gloves, lubricant and granulate for adjusting the buffers. The direct transport routes from warehouse to warehouse ensure the highest level of efficiency; the fork-lifts can now drive right up to the ramp if necessary. However, in future, deliveries shall continue to be made from the existing warehouse. Until now, there have been three to four truckloads per day; in future, there will be six to eight.

Roßleben soon to have 40 employees

The number of employees at Roßleben in Thuringia is set to double. The current workforce of 19 is set to grow to around 40. Their duties will also include operating additional wrapping machines which are being installed in the current rack hall, logistical activities in the new building and assisting the packaging team and management.

Gustav Wolf has become an important employer in Roßleben, which leads to great collaboration. Stefan Grey is grateful for the support for the construction plans from the local community, which was free of bureaucracy. Goods will also be delivered from Nebra and Güters­loh (to the new companies, Gustav Wolf Steel Wire Plant und Gustav Wolf Wire Rope Plant). What a lovely image – our trucks with the Gustav Wolf logo rolling along the motorways!