Investments in 2015

Investments in 2015

Managing Director Dr. Ernst Wolf presented his managers with some important investments in the company for the current year. All of them serve to expand production capacity and improve product quality. Two items not listed here are a new 9 x 500 closing machine in China and the installation of LED lamps in Hall II.

New coiler, steel wire plant

In the steel wire plant, another drawing coiler will be installed next to the one already there. It binds the wire with the nominal diameter for mattress production.

Closing machine is now a 9 x 500

A spool has been added to the Krupp closing machine in the wire rope plant, so that there are now nine spools in all. The machine is therefore now able to close a wire rope of nine strands.

250 metric tons of elevator cable

In March, a new 8 x 630 closing machine was put into service. Together with the three BUN 630 stranding machines and the existing machines, Gustav Wolf Miskolc can now manufacture up to 250 metric tons of elevator rope.

Scale extraction system replaced

A new extraction system for scales on wire rod and the swarf on the grinding machine is providing for better air in the steel wire plant.

8 x 500 closing machine

The new 8 x 500 rolling-bearing closing machine replaces the obsolete 8 x 200 machine and increases productivity because of its higher speed. This investment of the wire rope plant also helps to improve quality.

Laser in logistics center

In Rossleben, the wire lengths being produced are now measured without contact using a calibrated laser system. This minimizes material waste.

Two new coilers at STAL

Two additional modern coilers are increasing the galvanizing capacity at STAL, Reichshoffen. The plant is producing 2- to 3-mm finally galvanized wires for the European market.

Machine 71 repaired

In the wire rope plant, the eight-strand closing machine 71 was repaired. The gearbox-rotor linkage had become misaligned.