Bead wire for tires

Quality wire for the automotive industry

322447e5ecBead Wire is drawn steel wire, which is manufactured from a quality wire rod with high carbon content. The wire surface of the Bead Wire is copper, bronze or brass and adapted to each rubber compound.

This allows the technically optimal manufacturing of the tire.



  • For different types of tires used, e.g. car, truck, motorcycle
  • Meets the highest requirements for adhesion and tensile strength
  • Diameter: 0.80 – 3.00 mm

Packaging is done on steel spools, which can accommodate a wire net weight of about 450 kg.

On request, loose coil packages can be delivered on pallets.

Technical Data


Ø [mm]Normal Tensile [MPa]High Tensile [MPa]
0,80 ≤ d < 0,951900-23002150-2500
0,95 ≤ d < 1,251850-22502050-2400
1,25 ≤ d < 1,701750-21502050-2400
1,70 ≤ d < 3,001500-18002050-2400



Many customers from the automotive industry rely on Gustav Wolf wire products. Find out here how Bead Wire for tires is used.

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