Research and Development

The interaction of customer demands and the inventiveness of our staff is the basis for the high quality of our products. We want to maintain this level for you through continuous research and development of innovations in our company-owned laboratories.

However, the target of our work is not only an innovative product but increasingly the implementation of new, economic and eco-friendly production technologies.

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Mr. Konrad Stahr

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Environmentally conscious manufacture

Environmental protection has a high priority for Gustav Wolf. Therefore we have decided to tackle the technical upgrade with environmentally friendly machines and equipment.

The best example of this is our new oven 32*. Here more effective and improved gas burner control systems are used. This has the effect: less gas for the same tonnage-in the same time period, more production is possible.

So a perfect symbiosis of environment and effectiveness: Because of the new environmentally friendly oven we have achieved a production increase of 40 percent to 50 percent!

* Actually, the best example of this is our ISO 14001:2004 certification.