North America


trump-towerTrump Tower, Chicago

Presently (2011) the largest steel and concrete building in the world stands in Chicago. At 423.4 meters from ground to the top of the tower it is only 20 meters less than the Empire State Building in New York. The buildings 98 floors are served by 27 elevators, all equipped with Gustav Wolf ropes. The Trump Tower includes 625 apartments and a 5-star luxury hotel. At the time it was planned the building was to be the tallest in the world but after the terror attacks of 9/11 the plans were revised.



Time_Warner_CenterTime Warner Center, New York

The Time Warner Center, which was completed in 2004, is the first high-rise building completed in New York after the 9/11 terror attacks. The twin towers each have a height of 229 meters. Since AOL Time Warner is the tenant of more than 50% of the building’s floors, the complex has been named after them.



Hyatt Center, Chicago

The 207-meter- high Hyatt centre in Chicago was completed in 2005. Within the building, there are 34 elevators equipped with Gustav Wolf ropes which provide access to the 48 floors. The Hyatt Centre is fitted out exclusively as office space.


Scotia Plaza, Toronto

The Scotia Plaza is situated in the financial district of Toronto, the Canadian metropolis. The Plaza consists of one 275 metre high building and a second 115-meter- high building, which was completed in 1951. The modern main building was completed in 1988 after three years under construction and contains 44 elevators and 68 floors.


1000 De la Gauchetiere, Montreal

The 1000 De La Gauchetière building has its name thanks to its street address of number 1000 Rue de la Gauchetière. At 205 metres, the building is the tallest in the city. The skyscrapers in the city are subject to strict building regulations and are not allowed to be taller than the nearby mountain Mont Royal, which is 233 meters high. The building comprises a shopping centre, a skating rink, a fitness centre and office space.