Pingan International in Shenzhen


Das Pingan International Center in Shenzhen ist spektakulär. Auf den höchsten Ebenen sind eine Aussichtsetage und Gastronomiebetriebe vorgesehen. Die Aussichtsplattform ist sogar höher als jene des Burj Khalifas in Dubai und ähnlich hoch wie jene auf dem Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel, dem bis dato zweitgrößten Gebäude der Welt.Den bisher größten Einzelauftrag für ein Hochhaus realisierte Gustav Wolf jetzt für KONE mit der Lieferung von Seilen für das spektakuläre Hochhaus Pingan International Finance Center in Shenzhen, der Nachbarstadt Hongkongs in der chinesischen Provinz Guangdong. Dieser Wolkenkratzer wird bei seiner Fertigstellung mit einer Höhe von 660 Metern das zweithöchste Gebäude der Welt nach dem 828 Meter hohen Burj Khalifa in Dubai werden. Laut Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Arning (Technik Stahldrahtseil/Verkauf) lieferte Gustav Wolf allein für die drei größten Aufzüge die riesige Menge von:

­30 Aufzugseilen F10 (Durchmesser 19 mm) á 594 Meter = 17.820 Meter, mit einem Gesamtgewicht von 26.908 kg.

42 Aufzugseilen F7 (Durchmesser 16 mm) á 588 Meter = 25.190 kg

Insgesamt werden in diesem Projekt 72 Aufzüge verbaut. Es ist nicht nur der größte Einzelauftrag nach Mengen, sondern er ragt auch in zwei anderen Kategorien aus der Normalproduktion heraus. Diese drei Aufzüge sind die höchsten (559 Förderhöhe) und schnellsten (10 m/s = 35 km/h) ihrer Art, in denen die Seile von Gustav Wolf verbaut worden sind. Das bedeutete für Gustav Wolf eine besondere Herausforderung.




Gustav Wolf ropes for new Z15 high-rise giants in Beijing

Record in Beijing

The tallest building in the giant metropolis of Beijing is currently under construction. „Z15“ will be  528 meters high and have 108 floors. The elevators are conveyed using Gustav Wolf ropes. The skyscraper’s unusual shape is inspired by the ancient Chinese “Zun” wine vessel.

Z15 Tower Baustelle

The multifunctional building, which is being built in the midst of the expansion of Beijing’s business district, will replace China World Tower as the tallest building. It consists of seven underground floors and a mega tower, which houses a total of 350,000 m² of office space, a private club and an observation deck. The gently curving vertical shape of the tower has a very modern and elegant feel; maximum use is made of the floor space on the building’s upper floors and the shape of the lower section of the tower ensures static stability. A completely strutted steel frame and a concrete core ensure the lateral load capacity of the skyscraper, which is being built in a highly seismic zone and will be completed in 2018. The contracts each comprise 6 x 1,700 m 16 mm F10 track ropes, 6 x 1,400 m 16 mm F7 counterbalance ropes and 1 x 1,000 m 9.5 mm F10 governor ropes. The F10 track ropes are manufactured in Gütersloh.

Gustav Wolf rope used in gigantic Mecca hotel


High-rise boom in Middle East and Asia

The second-tallest building in the world after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is located in Mecca and is out-of-bounds for Non-Muslims. Even during construction, the site of the Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel is off-limits to members of other faiths. The huge hotel looks onto the holy of holies of the Muslim world, the Kaaba. But what has all this got to do with Gustav Wolf? The lifts in this architectural colossus are mostly suspended from Gustav Wolf ropes.

During the haj, the traditional pilgrimage to Mecca undertaken by several million Muslims every year, the skyscraper complex accommodates 30,000 people – a world record. The 601 meter building provides superlatives wherever you look: there is an enormous clock face on each of the four sides of the tower, the design based on Big Ben in London. With a diameter of 43 m, these clock faces are big enough to be seen from a distance of eight kilometers. The minute hands are 3.5 meters wide and 23 meters long and will support a person’s weight. The building has a usable space of 1 million square meters and cost US dollar 15 billion to build. It has 120 floors and more than 800 suites. The Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel was completed in 2012 and is the symbol of a new skyscraper boom throughout the world.
More and more skyscrapers measuring over 200 meters in height

Thus, in 2012, for the first time since the international financial crisis, more skyscrapers were once again built than in the previous year. This trend looks set to continue. In 2012, a total of 66 skyscrapers were built that measured in excess of 200 m, the third highest quota in history. The number of properties in this category worldwide has trebled since 2000, rising from 263 to 756.
Almost all of these buildings were erected in the Middle East and Asia in recent years, so that 16 and 35 high-rise buildings were completed respectively in these regions last year alone. Only six high-rise buildings were constructed in the United States in 2012. The reason for this decline can be found in the price explosion for luxury apartments, for example in New York, frightening off even multi-millionaires. Things are quite different in China: already more than 50 per cent of the population lives in urban areas, attracted by the prospect of employment in industry. The boom there is far from exhausted – quite the opposite in fact. Things are looking good for Gustav Wolf.


6e78cb4eeaSky Park, Singapur

The Sky Park in Singapore is one of the most innovative constructions in the world. The building consists of a casino, 2561 hotel rooms, a shopping mall, several gourmet restaurants and much more.

At a height of 191 meter, the roof garden, which is 340 m long and shaped in the form of a ship, reaches over all three 55-level highrises including a 146 m long swimming pool.


Kingdom-trade-riad-klein_01Kingdom Center Riad

The Kingdom Center in Riad is also equipped with Gustav Wolf elevator ropes. The 302m high building resembles a huge bottle opener and was built as the new landmark of Riad and Saudi Arabia. It has three sectors: a hotel, a shopping mall and one sector with offices and apartments.

The steel bridge with its diagonal braces in the windows is the visitor’s level. The opening above the last floor is crossed by steel bars on the left and the right side. These can be seen from the conference room of the restaurant on the top floor. At night the blue glass front and the aluminium-sided “hole” is lit in different colors.