Success story

cc57da87d3Opening of a production plant for thin elevator and crane ropes in Hungary.

Rossleben_01Gustav Wolf opened a new logistics center on 14,000 square meters in Roßleben.

JV-NeueFabrikSuccessful production start for fiber core ropes at Gustav Wolf Wire Rope Co. Ltd. Suzhou (China).

Signing of a Joint Venture contract in China to produce elevator ropes for the Chinese market, new production site Gustav Wolf Suzhou, near Shanghai.

Installation of a sales office in Hongkong/China to promote elevator rope sales in Asia.

Start of Joint Venture Brunton-Wolf Dubai, first wire rope factory in the Arab region.

historie_2003_ranchiStart of Gustav Wolf India with the production of steel cord and high tensile galvanized ropes.

New headquarters building and centralization of production in Gütersloh.

historie_logistik_2002Implementation of an independent logistics center in Herzebrock near Gütersloh, where all shipments of ropes and accessories as well as transport are coordinated.

Expansion of the distribution network through sales partners in the USA, Great Britain, Turkey and Australia (see Gustav Wolf globally).

Purchase of the drawing mill STAL (Reichshoffen – France) from Dunlop group and increase of bead wire production.

Re-opening and expansion of a wire rope works in Nebra in the former East Germany. Continuous extension of the subsidiary plant Gustav Wolf Nebra to become an important production site for the elevator and crane ropes.

Expansion of the production of high tensile brass-plated wires for the hydraulic hose industry.

Produkt_ReifendrahtImplementation of bead wire production.

historie_verladungPatent for a rope postforming device called PAWO (Patent Wolf). Today, the PAWO is a well-known tool in rope production. It reduces the residual stress in the rope.

historie_umzugRelocation from Bielefeld to Gütersloh and expansion of production. Main product was steel wire ropes for the mining industry.

historie_gruendung_1887Founding of the company Gustav Wolf from a family enterprise existing since 1737, start of production of steel wire ropes.