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The Weight Compensating Cable QuietLink II

Coated with PVC, the QuietLink II Cable serves to compensate for the weight of the traction ropes while the car moves up and down the shaft.

The QuietLink II Cable has proven itself as a truly quiet compensating product with a larger and more uniform loop than bare chains or chains with a sash cord.


Cable – Low carbon, welded proof coil chain
Jacket – A high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) adds mass and forms a round cross-section.


This round filled configuration is designed for use at speeds of up to 3.5m/s.

Roller Guidance System for High Speed Applications

For elevator speeds over 350 ft/min and up to 490 ft/min (1.75 m/sec to 3.5 m/sec), a roller guidance system must be used with QuietLink II to dampen cable oscillations and prevent the cable from swaying. These rollers also help to maintain the natural loop of the compensating cable.


The purpose of the guide rollers is to maintain the loop diameter and prevent any swaying of the compensating cable during stops and starts. The polyurethane also helps to dampen any vibration which may be caused by sudden stops and starts or air movement in the elevator shaft.

Each installation hardware kit includes: 3 U-Bolt (includes nuts, and washers), 1 shackle, 1 heavy duty grip for safe and economical installation of Quitelink II compensating cable.

Installation Advice

This diagram shows the approximate placement of components for a Quietlink II cable installation.

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Technical data

part-no. product total-weight [kg/m] cable-size [mm] diameter [mm] max. hang length [m] loopdiameter* [mm]
420112040 QL075 1,12 6 24 160 610
420149040 QL10 1,49 6,5 29 160 610
420223040 QL15 2,24 7 35 130 610
420298040 QL20 2,98 9 38 160 660
420372040 QL25 3,73 10 42 180 660
420446040 QL30 4,47 11 44 180 660
420521040 QL35 5,22 12 48 150 690
420595040 QL40 5,96 13 52 150 690

*measured from middle of the chain to middle of the chain

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