Lakhta Tower Saint Petersburg

High, higher, highest: This is the motto in current high-rise construction and is also true for the new Lakhta (Lachta) Center in Saint Petersburg. Gazprom's headquarters is already Europe's tallest building. The multi-purpose site, which has been under construction since October 2012 and will have 400,000 square meters of usable space, will be the heart of Gazprom Group's headquarters; a significant portion of the site is earmarked for public and leisure infrastructure. The Lakhta Center building will be the new landmark of St. Petersburg and, at 462 meters, the tallest building in Europe. The highest of the 87 floors will be 372 meters high. The viewing terrace there will provide an impressive panoramic view of the city of St. Petersburg and the Baltic Sea. The same applies to the panorama restaurant at a height of 315 meters.

Turning Torso Malmö

Turning Torso is the name of the highest skyscraper in Scandinavia and the second highest residential building in Europe. It was officially opened on August 27, 2005 in Malmö, Sweden. The building costs amounted to 168 million euros. The skyscraper boasts 57 floors and reaches 190 meters into the sky. The entire building has a usable area for offices and apartments of approx. 21,500 m². A total of 5 elevators, equipped with Gustav Wolf ropes and a speed of 5m/s (18 km/h), are available to employees and residents. During its 3-year-long construction period, the extraordinary architecture presented the engineers with major challenges, which were solved by our partner KONE. The construction of the torso was based on a sculpture by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the so-called "Twisting Torso" figure. The building consists of nine cubes, each consisting of five floors and a mezzanine. Each floor is twisted by about 1.6 degrees to the floor beneath it. Over its entire height, the building thus twists 90 degrees, so that the tower looks as if it is turning on its own axis.

Highlight Towers Munich

The Highlight Towers have been defining Munich's city center since 2004. With heights of 126 and 113 meters, respectively, the office complex is the second-highest building in the Bavarian metropolis. The high-rise buildings have office space on 33 and 28 floors respectively and are separated by a double bridge made of glass and steel on the ninth and tenth floors and a single bridge on the 20th floor.

The Shard, London

One of Europe's tallest buildings is located in London's Southwark district. Its 310m comprises office buildings, restaurants, a hotel, luxury apartments and the viewing platform at a height of 232 meters.

The building contains 44 elevators, including high-speed elevators. Having opened in 2012, the "Shard" was named after its design of the shard. For a while, it was the highest building in Europe.

Palace of Culture, Warsaw

The building, erected in 1955, was a gift from the then Soviet Union. Its 42 floors house several cinemas, theaters and museums. Today, many TV and radio stations use the antenna. The Palace of Culture, which is a listed building, is still the highest building in Poland and was even the second tallest building in Europe at 237 m at the time of its construction.

Tower 185 - Frankfurt

Tower 185 is located in Frankfurt am Main. The skyscraper is located near the Frankfurt Trade Fair and borders on the Europaviertel. Completed in 2011, the total height of the building is 200 meters.