The Berlin Palace embodies the varied cultural and political history of the German capital like few other buildings. The reconstructed building, which should be completed in 2019, will also use Gustav Wolf products.

The Berlin Palace was the dominating structure in the historic center of Berlin and was considered a magnum opus of the baroque style. Build in 1442 as the residential Palace of the House of Hollenzollern, it was later enlarged and served as the imperial residence for the German Empire from 1871. During the Second World War, the Palace suffered fire damage down to the northwest wing in February 1945. In the former GDR, this unique cultural landmark ultimately underwent controlled explosions in sections starting in September 1950. The Palace of the Republic took its place in 1976. But history famously made its own way: It was decided to rebuild the former palace with the aim of restoring the historic Berlin skyline. The groundbreaking ceremony for the Humboldt Forum was held on June 12, 2013. The took the former European frontrunner, the Federation Tower in Moscow (374 meters) in October. The tower has already been breaking records before its completion, which is scheduled for 2018 – specifically when concrete was poured for the Tower foundation in early 2015. It set a new world record for the largest uninterrupted concrete structure, even making its way into the Guinness Book of World Records. The sheer number of the prestigious building’s total 102 elevators to built is also impressive. Gustav Wolf has already successfully completed an initial order for PAWO F10 wire rope (19 mm) for its customer Schindler. The roofing ceremony for the completed Shell construction of the palace, complete with the roof framework, was held on June 12, 2015. Gustav Wolf has contributed to the successful “total package” with a number of different products: Some 6,200 meters of PAWO F7S (8 mm) were delivered for 21 units, as well as more than 240 rope suspensions. All of the elevators are slated for completion by summer 2018.

The Berlin Palace is scheduled to be officially opened on September 14, 2019 after six-and-a-half years of