This is what a success story looks like: What began on November 28, 2007 with just two employees and a handful of customers has developed into a successful business over the last ten years – one that is now continuing on this path of growth. Together with numerous customers and employees, those in charge took the tenth birthday of Gustav Wolf Suzhou as an opportunity to say thank you, to reminisce, but also to look to the future with optimism.

It all started ten years ago. In 2007, Gustav Wolf Suzhou’s wire rope plant got its start at the industrial park founded in 1994. In the “Venice of the East,” a beloved and easily accessible tourist destination located just 80 kilometers from Shanghai, the young Company made a successful entrance onto the market: the company debuted on the Chinese market – by far the largest elevator market in the world – with just two employees, a handful of customers and a great deal of commitment and an unconditional will, quality and service they had come to know from German companies. The figures are proof that the plan worked. Today Gustav Wolf Suzhou serves the Elevator industry around the globe, delivering products to be used worldwide in the tallest of buildings. After just one year the company grew to over 30 employees, after five years to 80. Today more than 100 people work at the plant in Suzhou, which at 10,000m², has nearly doubled in size.

Big party, exciting show

This success story was acknowledged on September 27, 2017: Hundreds of guests from around the world turned up to celebrate with employees at a party that will not soon be forgotten. Even Managing Director Dr. Ernst Wolf made his way to Suzhou to open the festivities. “If you take a normal cable with an 11-millimeter diameter, Gustav Wolf Suzhou could cross the globe four times with the cable they have delivered up to this point,” highlighted Dr. Wolf in his speech. “As ever, Gustav Wolf is what holds the world together.” As with any birthday celebration, the birthday cake was a main attraction – this time shaped like a wire rope. The celebrations were accompanied by a guided plant tour and a technical seminar to provide guests with a better understanding of the company and processes. Managing Director Thomas Scholz took the opportunity to honor some well-deserving employees, but the highlight of the evening’s events was surely the imaginative Performance by the employees. An open house day for families and relatives rounded off the happy celebration.