Gustav Wolf ropes for the new Z15 high-rise giants in Beijing

Gustav Wolf ropes for the new Z15 high-rise giants in Beijing

Record in Beijing

The tallest building in the giant metropolis of Beijing is currently under construction. „Z15“ will be  528 meters high and have 108 floors. The elevators are conveyed using Gustav Wolf ropes. The skyscraper’s unusual shape is inspired by the ancient Chinese “Zun” wine vessel.

Z15 Tower Baustelle

The multifunctional building, which is being built in the midst of the expansion of Beijing’s business district, will replace China World Tower as the tallest building. It consists of seven underground floors and a mega tower, which houses a total of 350,000 m² of office space, a private club and an observation deck. The gently curving vertical shape of the tower has a very modern and elegant feel; maximum use is made of the floor space on the building’s upper floors and the shape of the lower section of the tower ensures static stability. A completely strutted steel frame and a concrete core ensure the lateral load capacity of the skyscraper, which is being built in a highly seismic zone and will be completed in 2018. The contracts each comprise 6 x 1,700 m 16 mm F10 track ropes, 6 x 1,400 m 16 mm F7 counterbalance ropes and 1 x 1,000 m 9.5 mm F10 governor ropes. The F10 track ropes are manufactured in Gütersloh.

Wire for the U.S.

After promising contacts at wire 2014 and the Brussels convention of the European Brushware Federation (FEIBP) in 2014, the Wire Sales team has set its sights on the North American market. The aim is now to make major inroads in the market for road sweeper brushes in North America.

At wire 2014, the sales team led by Daniel Wolf (Managing Director STAL), Holger Kruse (Wire Sales) and Ralf Krone (Engineering Director, Wire) succeeded in establishing many contacts with American customers and reviving old ones. These contacts have now been put to use. Holger Kruse is pleased with the outcome: “We’re optimistic that the U.S. is a future market for Gustav Wolf.” more…

Investments in 2015

Managing Director Dr. Ernst Wolf presented his managers with some important investments in the company for the current year. All of them serve to expand production capacity and improve product quality. Two items not listed here are a new 9 x 500 closing machine in China and the installation of LED lamps in Hall II.


Record order for Gustav Wolf

The Ping An International Center in Shenzhen is spectacular. An observation deck and restaurants are planned for the highest floors. The observation platform is even higher than that of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It reaches approximately the height of the one in the Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel, the second tallest building in the world to date.