Record order for Gustav Wolf

The Ping An International Center in Shenzhen is spectacular. An observation deck and restaurants are planned for the highest floors. The observation platform is even higher than that of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It reaches approximately the height of the one in the Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel, the second tallest building in the world to date.

Gustav Wolf has now realized its largest single order to date for a high-rise building with the delivery, for KONE, of ropes for the spectacular Ping An International Finance Center in Shenzhen, which neighbors Hong Kong in the Chinese province of Guangdong. When completed, this skyscraper will have a height of 660 meters, making it the second tallest building in the world, after the 828-meter-high Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Alexander Arning (Steel Wire Rope Engineering/Sales) reports that for the three largest elevators alone, Gustav Wolf delivered the huge quantity of:
30 F10 elevator ropes (diameter 19 mm), each 594 meters long = 17,820 meters, with a total weight of 26,908 kg.
42 F7 elevator ropes (diameter 16 mm), each 588 meters long = 25,190 kg.
In all, 72 elevators will be installed in this project. In addition to being the largest single order in terms of quantity, this delivery stands out from typical orders in two other ways. These three elevators are the highest (height of lift: 559 meters) and fastest (10 m/s = 35 km/h) of their kind in which the ropes of Gustav Wolf have been installed. That represented a special challenge for the company.


Skyscrapers in Dubai, Riga and Singapore

In recent months, Gustav Wolf has delivered ropes for many other skyscrapers too. Such as the Al Fattan Marine Towers in Dubai, a pair of skyscrapers between the Dubai Marina and the Jumeirah Beach Residence, the largest residential complex in the world. In this case, the delivery comprised eight 391-meter F3 ropes (19 mm) with a total weight of nine metric tons. And in the Z-Towers in Riga, the elevators are likewise suspended with F3 ropes from Gustav Wolf (6 x 194 meters, 6 x 295 meters and 7 x 144 meters). Rope was also shipped to the Olympiastadion in Berlin, and in Barcelona, the 65-meter-high elevator in the Sagrada Familia is suspended by F10 ropes from Gustav Wolf. For 2015, there is an order for the South Beach project in Singapore, a hotel complex with 701 rooms.